Step Up

The Little Lighthouse Foundation (LLF) has partnered with an existing City of Miami Beach program called Success University, which offers comprehensive youth and family support services to children and parents in Miami Beach.

Throughout its new Mentoring Initiative, Success University will match 20 children and youth with inspirational role models from throughout the community. Another exciting aspect of the Success University program is its innovative alternative to suspension program called Step Up, which gives suspended students the opportunity to serve their suspension under the supervision of the City in order to reduce their sentence and expunge the suspension from their record.During their participation in Step Up, students complete school work assignments, discuss behavioral goals, and take accountability for the actions that caused the suspension.

The Little Lighthouse Foundation partnership brings students monthly career discussion and associated activities provided by young professionals and community leaders. As a Step Up presenter, we ask you to bring a 10-20 minute presentation fulfilling the following criteria:

  1. Description of your profession and how it may relate to middle school students
  2. How you became involved with the company and/or industry
  3. An activity where students use skills utilized in your profession to answer a problem


With questions on Success University’s Step Up program, the Little Lighthouse Foundation, or to become a mentor in Success University’s Mentoring Initiative, please contact us via phone at (305) 417-8553 or email us at