2014 Healing Light Recipient: Mohammad

The Little Lighthouse Foundation’s Healing Light Grant awards one lucky child in South Florida with supplemental funds to subsidize existing and future medical bills or future procedures.




2014 Healing Light Recipient: Amantrel

The Healing Light recipient is a child undergoing an unfortunate medical case in South Florida, without proper financial resources to cover existing and/or future medical expenses.

As we enjoy the holidays, LLF will change the life of one young boy in South Florida, 7 year old Amantrel, who was recently victimized in a house fire on October 22nd that torched his family’s possessions, and left him with burns over 40% of his body. Amantrel, who goes by Mohammed, is a 2nd grader at Roosevelt Elementary and loves to run, read chapter books, and coach his 4 year old brother to be just like him.

In an attempt to subsidize the pain and suffering felt by his family, LLF has identified Amantrel as its 2014 Healing Light recipient, and every donation received to the Healing Light fund will be matched – dollar for dollar – by the Little Lighthouse Foundation. We hope you can donate to the fund, which will go towards paying Amantrel’s hospital bills and extensive physical therapy.

For questions regarding the Healing Light Fund call (305) 417-8553 or email info@thelittlelighthouse.org.

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The Little Lighthouse Foundation’s Healing Light grant matches every donation – dollar for dollar – up to $15,000 towards the medical bills of the Healing Light recipient. Granted dollars are used to directly pay the medical bills of the recipient, and are not used for auxiliary purposes such as rent, groceries, and other non-medical expenses.