2017 Award Recipients

Justin Keener


Each year, LLF identifies a Shining Light Award recipient, who embodies the spirit of philanthropy while acting out LLF’s mission.

In 2015, Justin Keener generously created the Keener Matching Fund, which has not only helped raise much needed funds for LLF, but it has brought forward new donors and increased the support of existing donors. The matching grant program has been incredibly successful and more importantly instrumental to the continued impact LLF is able to achieve in the community.  Keener continues to go above and beyond in your support of LLF, including generously making LLF the beneficiary of his San Diego Halloween parties, working as an Advisory Board member, and generally being a pillar in the community.

Loren Psaltis


Each year, LLF awards one outstanding volunteer with the Volunteer of the Year award.

Loren was presented with the award in 2017 for her commitment to the children at Chapman Partnership for the homeless. During her time as a volunteer with LLF, Loren led up to 4 weekly programs at a time at Chapman and created relationships with the youth at the shelter. Loren is an upstanding member of the community and relentlessly donates her time to better the circumstances of those less fortunate.

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